Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Pictures from Mom's Funeral

Sabrina with Karin Cochran
John and June's family
Katie, Kathy and Rachel holding Baby Lydia
Jule and Aubrey
Mary, June and Marie preparing to close the casket
Kathy and Katie
Leaving the church
Bill and Mary with granddaughter Khloe
Bill, Marie, John and Richard
Susan Fifita's granddaughters.
Susan Fifita, Aunt Ranae, Lora, Susan and Steve.  My cousins.  Aunt Loya, Mom's youngest sister, is sitting.  She is the last survivor of the Callahans.  Her husband, Uncle Don, died a few months earlier. This was a very difficult time for her.
June with Baby Lydia

Marie with Uncle Zealand my dad's older brother.

Justine, Sabrina and Katie
Richard with Katie and Justine
Lora, Aunt Ranae and Marie

Sharing Great-Grandmother Fryer Continued Memories

June Fryer found an abundance of pearl necklaces that mom had accumulated over the years.  She had the most fabulous idea of letting each great granddaughter pick a necklace out of the bag to have and be a keepsake from their grandmother.  So grateful for the thoughtful things June did for mom and this wonderful way of keeping mom's memory alive.

Mom had a jar full of change she kept for grandchildren to grab a handful before they left.  Not to leave the grandsons out June came up with the idea of each grandson reaching in and getting a fist full of coins.  Thank you June for thinking of this idea.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wow! Near Tragedy

Evan was standing on the porch of the cabin at the family reunion when he heard his daughter scream from inside. Just as he entered the doorway to investigate a huge tree came down through the porch where he had just been standing, his car and his brother's truck.  Well one blessing will be that Charitie will not be driving across country by herself.  This family has had a lot of growing experiences this year.

Back With My Sweetheart and The Wonderful Missionaries

Elders helping with dishes after Sunday dinner.
Sister Rama and Sister Taputea


Marie Campbell, Karin Cochran and me.  Thankful to see friends again. Karin and I have been friends since childhood. What a great example and influence she has been to me.

Precious Time with Charitie

After the zoo Evan headed out to his family reunion where he would meet up with his parent and oldest three daughters.  The movers had showed up the previous Monday and packed up their home to move it to Virginia.  Matthew would have his body cast remove just before they drive across country.  I was able to spend 4 days with Charitie, Matthew and Melissa.  A very sweet experience for me.

Amtrak to Washington to Visit Charitie

Charitie and Evan met me at the train station in Tacoma then we headed to the zoo with two in strollers.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Repairs on Vehicles

On the way out of town, Richard stopped to say goodbye to mom at the cemetery and his truck wouldn't start.  Jared helped him put a starter in his truck.  Jared heard grinding on the way back from the coast and found he needed brakes.  Everyone got fixed up and then they were on their way.

Clam Chowder at Mo's

Fun On The Oregon Beach

Emma and Kathy
Jared carrying Chloe
Julie testing the wind
Michael, Brooklyn, Julie

Nichole comforting a victim of wave attack