Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On Our Way Home

The Singapore Airport was decorated for Christmas.  We enjoyed the decorations, the Koi Pond and the Butterfly Garden.  We rode the airport tram.  We laughed and relaxed after a very busy week.

Last Day

Our last day at the temple.  Every minute possible was spent at the temple.  They did their work and then did their parents work.  They were sealed together as families.


Jeepneys come in all colors and decorations.  They are built from the Jeeps that were left behind after World War II.  They are all over Manila. They were fascinating.  People crowded into them like sardines and then the drivers drove crazy.  I thought driving in Malaysia was crazy but Manila traffic was the worst.  We did not ride in the Jeepneys.

Manila Temple Trip

Just arrived at the Temple Patron Housing.  We are tired from traveling all day but excited.
Waiting to go to the Manila Temple.
At the end of day.  The sky was beautiful.  Sister Boyter is in the first picture and Elder and Sister Moulder are in the second picture.
Our Young Single Adults.  Hellen, Maureen, Jeffrey and Caroline at the mall.
President Ero is the second counselor in the Singapore Mission Presidency.  He is the man in the white shirt.  His wife, Sister Molly is in blue with Sister Boyter.  They prepared a huge meal for one of the nights.  There was enough for our group and for the other patrons who were staying at the Temple Patron Housing and then there was extra for some of the temple workers.  They are from the Kuching District and know and love the members who came.  They helped with translating, smoothing the way through checking records and helped with food and entertainment.
A night out on the town.  President Ero and sister Molly are sitting across from us with Elder and Sister Moulder sitting next to Sister Molly and Brother Christopher sitting next to Sister Boyter.
Having my picture taken with Elvis.

Sister Janice

Sister Janice is an amazing young woman.  She joined the church in August of 2012.  She loves the Gospel and the Savior with all her heart.  She is tiny but she gives huge hugs.  She is often called out of the audience to give talks in Sacrament with no warning.  She is always prepared.  She memorizes scriptures and keeps a scripture journal of thoughts and impressions.  She is now preparing to return to the temple again.  She is the only member in her family.

Christopher, Angelina with daughters Maureen and Hellen

Brother Christopher and Sister Angelina were sealed.  They were also sealed to their parents and were sealed to their daughters, Maureen and Hellen.  They were so happy and flirtatious.  Sister Hellen is a returned missionary.  Manila was where she went to the MTC and so the Manila Temple Trip was a special experience for her to share memories with her parents.  There were special and sacred experiences that were shared in the temple with this family.

Florence, Caroline and Jeffrey

Florence with two of her children Jeffrey and Caroline.  Florence and Caroline had been to the temple a few years ago for their temple work and were sealed to Florence's husband. This trip Jeffrey did his work and was sealed to his parents.  This family is from the Samarahan Branch.  Jeffrey and Caroline are two of our Young Single Adults.

James, Majorie and Konok

Brother James and Sister Marjorie are married and were sealed on this trip in the temple.  Brother Konok is Sister Marjorie's father.  They are from the Samarahan Branch.  Brother Konok was sealed to his wife and then to his daughter, Marjorie. We were concerned about Brother Konok while we were there.  His skin and eyes were yellow and the first of the trip he was weak.  He went into the hospital the day after we returned home and was there for about 3 weeks.  It was hard to get a clear diagnosis because of language barrier.  But eventually surgery was done and a blockage was removed.
Brother Konok wanted his picture taken with the life size Nativity at the Manila Temple.

Aret's family with Janice

 Sister Linyang and her husband Brother Aret with their three children, Youro, Joenas, and Sallie with Sister Janice.  Brother Aret's family is from the Matang Branch.  They did their work and their parents work and then they were sealed to their parents, to each other and then their children were sealed to them.  Sister Janice joined them in this picture taken outside of the Temple Patron's Housing.  This is across the street from the Manila Temple

Sister Linyang and Brother Aret in the Temple Anex.  They were waiting their turn for their records to be reviewed before we prepared to go to the temple. They did not speak English.  Their joy and excitement of going to the temple radiated from their faces.
Sallie, Youro and Joenas were the only children of the group.  They were the best behaved children.  They took care of themselves while their parents were in the temple for hours.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Manila Temple Trip

We were privileged to go to the Manilla Temple with sixteen members of the Kuching District.  Five members of the group were our young single adults.  We left Monday, November 18, 2013 and flew back to Kuching on November 23, 2013.  This trip will be one of the highlights of our mission.  Many spiritual experiences and tender mercies blessed the group.

Below is Sister Angelina.  We claim each other as sisters.
Sister Moulder with Janice in Singapore.  The Moulders planned the trip and help get all the group ready for the trip.  Their detailed planning made the trip a very special time for everyone.  Sister Janice has been a member for just over a year.  I have so much respect for her.  She has embraced the Gospel with all her heart.  I have learned to be a better person by her example.