Sunday, December 29, 2013

Graveside Service

Dad served in the Army and was stationed in Korea before the Korean War.  Taps were played and a 21 gun salute were performed at the cemetery graveside.

And then it Poured

 Just as the doors of the chapel were opened to take the casket out the heavens opened and poured.  Dad always had a subtle sense of humor.  The rain only lasted a few minutes and then the clouds parted and sunshine returned.  The pallbearers (who were mostly sons, son-in-law and grandsons) were soaked

Boyter Clan

A picture of our family outside the Corvallis Stake Center.  Evan, Charitie's husband, is serving in Afghanistan in the hospital as a pharmacist.  Charitie brought her five little ones.  Her in-laws were such a strength.  Bonnie and Dale Romrell helped Charitie but also opened their home to three of our children and their families.  There was an OSU football game that weekend and all local hotels were filled.

William Despain Fryer Viewing

 We had the viewing for dad before the funeral.  Dad chose his own casket years before.  It was a dark forest green with fir trees imprinted in the metal part of the casket.  It fit dad.  He loved the forests and found solitude and peace within them.
Richard, John and Bill adjusting dad's clothes in preparation of closing the casket.  Richard gave the family prayer before we went into the chapel.  The chapel was filled with family and friends which gave mom great comfort to know she and dad were loved.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

William D. Fryer Funeral

Dad died the morning I arrived in Corvallis, Oregon on October 24, 2013.  I missed seeing him by a few hours.  Dad was unresponsive after he went into the hospital so he would not have known I was there.  I have had mixed feeling about not being there before he died.  I feel like my mom really wanted me to see him but my memories of dad will be how I remember him when I left on our mission.  I did not see dad until I saw him at the funeral in the casket.  Mom thought he was holding onto life until I arrived.  I like to think that he wanted me to remember him in better days but was pleased that I was there for mom after he died.

David and Cherry Blake offered their home for us to stay in while we were in Corvallis.  They live a few blocks away from mom's home and that left mom's home available for my brothers and their families.  Sister Blake knocked on our door early Thursday morning.  Mom was on the phone to tell me dad had just passed away.  Brent and I went over to be with mom after we showered.  Richard had been able to get time off work and was there to help mom during this difficult time of dad declining.  John and June have been up often.  And Bill and Mary and some of their children were able to visit dad before he died.

A few days before dad died Uncle Zealand (Dad's older brother) and his wife, Dorothy came to visit dad.  The next day Dorothy suffered a massive heart attack and died.  Her funeral was held the Wednesday before dad's funeral.  We were able to go to Salem for her funeral and see family and then 3 days later we saw family again at dad's funeral.

I had started working on dad's obituary earlier and so I finished it up and we got it into the newspaper.  We decided on having the funeral the following Saturday, November 2nd, when more family members could get off work.

This was a difficult time for mom.  She felt like things were spinning and like there was so much to do and did not know where to start.  Brent and I just started doing what needed to be done and clearing everything with mom and my brothers as we went along.

I next started planning the program and contacting family about when the funeral was going to be.  We were fortunate that our children and their families were able to come. Charitie's husband, Evan, is overseas in Afghanistan until March.  He was greatly missed. John and June's children were able to come except for Alicia's husband.  He also was missed.  Bill and Mary's children were not able to come. They were able to come earlier and saw dad before he died but could not get off work for the funeral.

Brent started working on notifying insurance companies and government agencies.  He got a good start on the business side of death but we had to turn it over to John and June to finish when we left.

I'm so grateful that we were able to come back for these funerals.  Working to help my mother helped me through dad's death.

The Boyter Women at William D. Fryer's funeral

All of our children were able to come to Dad's funeral.  It was a time of renewing friendships with cousins and brothers and sisters remembering the good times.  Here I am with my daughters: Charitie with baby Melissa, Annie Laurie, myself, Sabrina and Nichole.  Our oldest granddaughters: Katherine (Charitie's), Katie (Sabrina), Mackenzie (David) and Rachel (Sabrina).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hike with the O'Malleys

We went to see Sabrina and her family in Lake Stephens, Washington.  They took us on a beautiful hike.  It brought wonderful memories to me of my father.  He loved the outdoors and we spent many vacations camping and hiking.  The smells of pine needles, the sounds of the water flowing in the creek we hiked was a special memory sharing this hike with my grandchildren.

Sister Crichton

Sister Crichton flew home from her mission the week after we left. She served in Kuching with us.  Her brother, Scott plays for OSU football.  So when her family came to the football game, she called us and we were able to come and see her. This is her mother with her.  Sister Crichton looks great for having jet lag.  She is from Tacoma. Washington.


We were able to enjoy our little dog Mandy for a few weeks.  She found her favorite place to sleep on our legs.  The leaves were turning while we were there.  Then John's dog, Charlie, got jealous and found her way onto Brent's lap.

Alta, Megan and Mac

Mac loved serving in the church and in his community.  After his cancer treatment over 20 years ago, he established a foundation to help families that had children with cancer.  After he had turned the foundation over to a group to run it and just before he died, the foundation was renamed Mac's Gift.  At the funeral the families and children that were helped by the foundation lined the sidewalk and as the family followed the coffin to the hearse they sang "I Am a Child of God".  Mac served as a BYU Student Ward Bishop, a counselor in a Stake Presidency, MTC Bishop and Patriarch.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Megan's Family

Megan's baby came the day after Mac died without complications.  It was a great blessing to have her at the funeral and for her to be with her family.

Sherrie, Scott, Brent and Marie

Mac Neil Boyter Funeral

We received word that Mac was dying.  Brent was able to visit with Mac by phone and say good-bye.  All of Mac's children were at his bedside, except for Megan who was due to have her baby the following week.  Brent called Megan.  He knew how hard it would be for Megan to not be with her daddy and family.  Mac died on October 13, 2013, Sunday.  We were at the church listening to general conference when the call came in.  Mac told us before we left on our mission that he felt he would not be here when we return home from our mission, but it was hard to have him gone.  The following Wednesday we received word that my father was given one to two weeks to live.  It was decided to return home for Mac and my father's funeral.  We left Thursday and surprised Alta, Mac's wife and their family when we arrived Saturday at the viewing before the funeral.

All of Mac's children were able to attend his funeral even his youngest daughter, Megan, who gave birth to her third daughter the Monday after Mac died.  It was wonderful to be with Mac's family.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Samarahan Young Men and Women Saturday activity

Great day with Samarahan Branch.  Elder Peterson and Elder Hirschi are the missionaries.  There was lots of swimming and playing in the water.  The elders taught them how to skip rocks.  The leaders fixed a meal of BBQ chicken and pork.  They cut down bamboo and stuffed tapioca greens with pork and the cooked it over a fire.  It was yummy.  We then had a spiritual meeting with the missionaries teaching and their leaders teaching.  New games were taught and then more swimming.  It was hebat!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sister Noorda and Sister Thompson with Sister Boyter

The Traveling Sister, Sister Noorda and Sister Thompson, were here doing training last week and shared a special experience with us.

They were one member present for an investigator lesson short for their goals for the week.  They were confident they would reach the goal because they had three lessons schedule for the day but then they all cancelled.  

They decided to go visit a family that had not been church in a couple of weeks that had recently moved.  As they sat in the home visiting with the family, a man came in and sat down.  They included him in their conversation and found out he was not a member.  Soon his wife and children came in and sat down.  The Gospel was shared and an appointment was make to visit the family in their own home and continue teaching them.

After the family left, the sisters found out that the member family did not know who the other family was.  They just came and sat down in their home.  Every one was so friendly that the sisters had no idea that the two families did not know each other.  The mother said "But that is ok, I dreamed about them last night."  

Another discussion has been taught and another one is scheduled.

Update October 17th
Sister Noorda text us

"Remember that family that randomly walked into our member's home?  We have continued teaching them.  They are all so prepared and receptive. They are a family of twelve. Parents and ten kids ranging from about 30 years old down to 8 year old twins."

She told us she has had a fantastic week.  She is going to email us the details.  She leave to go home next week to Las Vegas.  What a wonderful way to finish a mission.  She is sprinting to the end.

We love our missionaries!

Trip to Mukah and Sibu in October of 2013

In-service Trip to Mukah and Sibu
This trip, we finished on October 8th, had an inspired and special element of having Sister Angelina and Sister Hellen travel with us to Mukah.  Sister Angelina is the Relief Society President in Sentosa.  Her husband, Brother Christopher, home town is Mukah.  Sister Hellen is Sister Angelina’s daughter and  is the Kuching District Young Women President, Chairman for the East Malaysia Youth Conference and a return missionary.  When Sister Angelina heard we were going to Mukah, she expressed the desire to travel with us.  Sister Hellen wanted to go but felt she could not because of all the work she needed to do with youth conference.  A few days prior to us leaving we received a SMS from Sister Hellen that she received an impression that she needed to go to Mukah with us.
When we reached Mukah, the Bradys had arranged for us to visit two seminary age boys and their non-member families.  The elders were sick and could not translate for us. It was determined that Sister Angelina and Sister Hellen would go with us on our visits.  With the help of Sister Hellen translating a beautiful spirit came as we taught the importance of attending seminary and they need to serve a mission.  Sister Hellen was able to teach and testify about the importance of serving a mission and for the families to learn of the gospel.
Next we went to visit Monica.  A very strong and active young women.  Monica had met Sister Hellen before and also knew of her.  There was an instant bond between them.  Monica is turning 17.  We were able to visit about seminary, youth conference and about preparing for a mission.  We also visit about putting the Savior first and the importance of taking time to study the scriptures before studying for her exams each day. 
A young single adult from Mukah, Agnes, has been attending school in Kuching but we had not been able to locate her.  The Bradys went to visit Agnes’ grandmother and Agnes was there visiting during the school holiday.  They got her phone number.  Sister Boyter was able to SMS her and get her information about Home Evening and Institute in Kuching.  We also shared with her that Sister Hellen would be to church on Sunday.  They were able to meet and she will be helping with Youth Conference.  Agnes has two other friends from Mukah who are attending school in Kuching that we will be contacting.
Rizal, the Mukah Seminary teacher, attended the In-service meeting with Bradys, Sister Angelina and Sister Hellen that late afternoon.  Our plan was to teach about the importance of personal spiritual preparation to teach.  We soon found out why Angelina and Hellen were to be there with Rizal.  He had been praying for almost a year that Sister Angelina and Sister Hellen would return to Mukah (he had met the entire family a year before) to visit with his parents who are non-members to permit him to go on a mission for the church.  He was so touched when he saw them walk through the door.  The lesson for him under the direction of the spirit went to spiritual preparation for his mission. 
At the close of our meeting, we went to see a less active young man, Stanley.  Taking Elder Brady, Sister Hellen, Elder and Sister Boyter.  We left Sister Brady and Sister Angelina behind due to the size of the home we were going to visit.  Rizal stayed with Sister Brady and Sister Angelina and another Seminary student came and they visited for another hour about missions.
Rizal’s parents did allowed Sister Angelina, Sister Hellen, and Elder and Sister Brady to meet with them.  And the parents agreed to let Rizal go on a mission after a very inspiring meeting, according to the Bradys.  Rizal brought his missionary papers to the Bradys on Sunday.  And President Lai is in the loop with help from some wonderful members.
Elder Brady, Sister Hellen,  Elder and Sister Boyter went to see Stanley, who is not enrolled in seminary and is less active.  We found Stanley out visiting with his friends.  We invited him back to his home where we met with his family who are members except for the father.  We invited Stanley to attend seminary, to come back to church and prepare for a mission.  He said he would.  However, the impression came that we should focus on his father, who is not a member.  With the help of Sister Hellen translating Iban, we learned of his love for the church and the blessings his family has received from joining the church.  Elder Boyter asked the question “What is keeping you from joining the church?”  He said smoking and alcohol.  Elder Boyter invited the father to have a blessing from Elder Brady before Elder Brady returns home to help him with these problems.  That he needed to come to church and be baptized before Elder Boyter returns to Mukah in November to see him.  He said he would.  There is a very special relationship between the father and Elder Brady.
Sunday morning while we were in Sibu, the Bradys shared that the whole family came to church in additional to all the other youth we had visited.  Stanley had on his white shirt and tie and the family were dressed in their very best.  They looked very happy sitting as a family.  There they heard the testimony of Sister Angelina and Sister Hellen at Fast and Testimony Meeting. 
There was a combined Young Men and Young Women class that Sister Hellen taught about serving missions, youth conference and seminary.
When we returned from Sibu on Monday, we invited the Bradys, Sister Angelina, Sister Hellen and Rizal for dinner as part of in-service.  In addition we also invited Angelina’s relatives Joseph, Pauline and their daughter Jessica who is 21.  When we met them on Friday, there came a special relationship between Sister Boyter and Jessica.  Jessica gave Sister Boyter a special gift when we were eating Sego worms at their home.  Sister Angelina shared with them a Restoration Pamphlet.   The next morning Sister Boyter felt impressed to share a Book of Mormon and the Proclamation of the Family with Jessica and her parents, Sister Hellen had also felt the same impression that morning.
 After our in-service meal with them we went back to their home and Sister Boyter presented her gift of the Malaysian Book of Mormon with her testimony to Jessica and The Family A Proclamation to the World in Malay to the family.  The father also responded positively after reading the Proclamation.  Pauline then asked Elder Boyter for a Priesthood Blessing to help her with her health issues.
We hope this will lead to discussions with the missionaries, Sister Boyter and Jessica exchanged phone numbers and email addresses to keep in touch.
Between the dinner and going to Jessica’s home we dropped in at the church to attend the branch home evening. 
In our travel between Mukah and Sibu, we stopped to take a photo.  Elder Boyter met a small group of women on the side of the road.  One of the women said she was a member of the church in Sibu and was there visiting family.  Elder Boyter asked if she had shared the Malay Book of Mormon with her family.  She said she had not.  So Elder Boyter asked the family if he could give them a gift and told them about the Book of Mormon and asked them to learn about the church from their daughter and sister, who was the member. 
We arrived in Sibu mid-afternoon on Saturday.  We had an in-service at 7 pm.  All teachers were present. The full time missionaries translated for us.  We taught on Spiritual Preparation and Student Preparation.  We were told by Elder and Sister Beus that Mimi, one of our teachers bore her testimony the next day that the things taught that night were an answer to her prayers on some personal matters.
We took the teachers out to dinner afterwards.
We went to church at Sibu 2 Branch.  After Sacrament Meeting we met two 15 year old young men from Sibu 1st Branch.  They are going to attend Youth Conference but have not been attending Seminary.  They told us they would like to attend.  Their teacher would be Juan who only teaches his daughter.
To our surprise we were asked to do a combined Young Men and Young Women class for Sunday School for Sibu 2nd Branch.  We thought we would find the active youth there, but the less active youth came instead, the ones we were hoping to go visit.  We had one non-member there.  The full time missionaries translated.  We talked about Youth Conference and Seminary.  And then taught a short lesson on the attributes of Christ.
Elder Boyter met with Sibu 2nd Branch President and invited him to meet with the Branch President of 1st branch about having a combined seminary class for the coming year.  The youth from Sibu 2nd branch have no seminary at this time, and to recommend to the District Presidency names of teachers that would be strong and positive for the youth.  The 2nd Branch president felt he could have 8 youth from his branch enrolled in seminary next year.
The Chinese branch is not holding Seminary at this time.  Mimi is the teacher but no one has come. 
One possible idea would be to combine all three branches for Seminary and get a dynamite teacher….maybe teach in English.  We were impressed with the youth we met and see great potential.  But we need the District Leadership to be converted to the Seminary and Institute program. 
We attend Seminary at Sibu Jaya with Elder and Sister Marteeny.  Sister Bia is great and trying very hard.  She had 10 students there, 2 were institute age.  The lesson was from James, blessing of the sick was part of the lesson.  At the conclusion of the lesson, one student was sick and asked for a blessing.  Elder Marteeny gave a beautiful teaching of different types of blessings.  Elder Boyter and Elder Marteeny gave a blessing to the sick young man.  Then one of the YSA men is having problems at home and requested a priesthood blessing, which was done.
While we were in Sibu, we received a SMS from Doris Chuan anak Kok, stating she wants to go on a mission.  She is going to school in Kuching but she is from Sibu.  We have not met her due to her living so far out and she has not transport, but have had extensive contact with her through SMS with Young Single Adult activities.  We found out from her she is from Sibu 1st Branch.  We are contacting the senior couple in Sibu to help get her line up with her branch president.

We had prayers almost hourly in the car as we traveled to Mukah, from all of us as the traffic was concerning….by the time we reached Mukah we felt we were spiritually ready to go out and visitJ
Elder Rizal Takin left for his mission in the Spring for the Singapore Mission.  In October 2014 his father, mother and sister-in-law were baptized.  President Mains gave him permission to return home to baptize his family.  

Hello Everyone!!
I miss you guys. 
Supposedly I should email this to you guys last week. I am sorry. Last week, we totally busy. We spent our P-day at the beach with all the elders, missionary couple and some of the members. We went to the beach in Kampung Nyalau which is Kedayan tribe area in Miri. We had a fun trip! We spent our time by playing soccer, barbeque and just chilled aroud that place. The beach was really nice but the sea water still 'milo color' . Hahaha. Oppppsss! Malaysian Water anyway. It was fun to spend whole day with all of them. Bintulu has a lot of fun places to go. Not sure what are we going to do today.
Last 2 weeks was such a great and miraculous weeks for me. Last last friday(04/10/2014), President Mains called our zone leader in Bintulu. He told them that I can go home and baptize my family. I was way happy. The next morning, we went to Mukah. I was way excited to meet my family, especially my parents. I am so happy with them because finally they made a right decision. It was been to long. They did not accept the church and the gospel before. I am so thankful and grateful to God for all of these. Because of Him and His Spirit, my parents heart was opened eventually. A lot of changed happened after I left. In retrospect, it was good for me to choose to go on a mission before and made a such a great decision. I remembered before, I was so worried about my future and also my parents did not want me to go. I got a lot of challenged that tried to stop me to go before. Anyway, I am so grateful to serve in Singapore Mission. God knows what is the best place for me to go. He has His own reason to send me here, Now, I knew and I realized. I am not be able to baptized my family If I serve in outside of my country. I feel so happy right now and I can feel the God's love for me. How great His power! Because of my right decision to go on a mission that changed my parents. Last time, when I am in Mukah, I talked to them and asked them to prepare to go to the temple. But I asked them to wait for me so that we can go there as a family. I already had 7 months already. It was surreal! The time went fast. Seriously, I really really love and enjoyed my mission so far. I wish anyone that plan to go on a mission could feel what I feel. I wish I can meet God and talk to Him. I wish I can hug Him and and say thank thee for the blessing that I had. 
Anyway, your attitude is what your mission will be. As we follow His commandments and obey it, He will pour over many great blessings into our life. Seriously, He did it to me. Everytime I did my missionary work with real intent, I can feel that He helped me in my work everyday. I prayed for miracles everyday and He did it answered it. Last week, three days in the row, we got a lot of miracles. Tanjung Kidurong(the place where I serve right now), such a small area. Sometimes we just walked and did tracting a lot. 2 weeks already I am in Bintulu and I am not really that know and familiar with the area. One time, after we had appointment with less active member, on the way back to the church, 1 old lady talked to us. She surprised that I am Iban. She said it's been to long that she wanted to talk to us but did not have any opportunity. She asked us what is our purpose. We said that we are from the church and teach people about Jesus Christ. She is Iban and Catholic. She said that she is not that strong in that church. Then, we gave her a pamphlet and asked for her phone number. She said not need and she said just come over to her house. She is really nice. She also wanted me to teach my companion how to speak Iban so that all white people will know Iban. When my companion started to speak Iban, she was way shocked and just laughed. Elder Sheranian(my companion) told her that he is from Kapit, Sarawak. Hahaha. She almost believed it and Elder Sheranian told her that he just kidding. 
Another big miracle that we had last week was we met 1 inactive family. At first, we were really scared to meet them because this family is pretty 'sketchy'. Then, my companion and I made a hilarious decision which was flipped a coin. Heads and tails. If heads, we should talk to them and if tails, go to the next appointment. We got heads then. We both looked at each other and told ourselves that we have to do it. We need to be bold then and talked to them. We knocked on the door and 1 guy came out. We were a little bit nervous. Anyway, that guy was way shocked. He said ' Hey elders! ' with a big smiling face. Huhhhhh! I thought he will mad at us. He asked us to come in and talked to them. I asked them why they stopped going to church. They never been to church since 7 years ago. They was baptized in way back 2004. Then, at 2005, they went to the temple. After they went back from the temple, they got so many challenges that happened in their life. The wife in that family was upset before because her mum died. On that day, they asked the church members to come to their long house and prayed for her mum and also the grave. But, the members did not show up because on the same time, there was 1 member, which is the branch president, his dad, also died on the same day. The members attended that. That inactive family did not know that. Because of that, they was offended and never come to church anymore. They also stopped using garments and become wicked again. It was good that they told us that and now they want us to help them and repent. The most sad thing was their oldest son almost go on a mission before. He already got his mission called, and called to serve in somewhere in black people place. They can't remember. It was so sad. Because of being offended, it did not happen. Their oldest son was really mad before but he had to follow what his parents said. That family feel so guilty about that. They said after they left the church, they had so many bad things happened in their life. They ever had a thought before to come to chuch but they said they feel ashamed with what that they already done. Now, they feel so happy to meet us again. The wife said she is really happy and God already planned for us to meet again. She said thanks God because gave them chance again to change themselves. They left their garments in Miri. We told them to use it again. They thought that they already got excommunicated from the church. They did not want to use garments because they felt that they are not 'sacred' anymore. Next morning, they went to miri again and took it. That night, they hold a FHE( malam keluarga) at their house. They invited us and all the members to come. It was good that the members came and gave them support. I am so happy for all these things! There are so many things that God already helped me with. Because of him, I met this family. Because of that faithful night and that 'coin', we met them. 
There were so many miracles that happened last weeks that I can't mention it all. I just shared with you guys 1 biggest MIRACLE that happened which is we brought back that inactive family and also some of the less active family that we met. In the scriptures said in Matthew 18 verse 14, How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. So, bring back all the lost soul to Him and until forever they will remember us. 
I love my mission! 
With love,
Elder Rizal Takin.

October 2013 Visit to Mukah

Sister Angelina with us.  We are in Mukah and the South China Sea is behind us.

We are with Elder and Sister Brady, sister Angelina and Sister Hellen visiting some seminary young men with their family
We are eating sego worms.  Sister Angelina cooked them in soy sauce, garlic and ginger.  They were very good.  We were very surprised. Sister Boyter ate 3 but Elder Boyter ate about 15.
This Sister Angelina's husband's family.  Joseph is sitting next to us.  His wife Pauline behind him, Sister Angelina and the daughter, Jessica.  Below is Sister Boyter , Sister Hellen, Elder Brady, Monica (one of our seminary students), Sister Angelina

Friday, September 20, 2013

Moon Cake Festival

We stopped by to pick up the sisters to take them to Cats Pyjama.  Sister Lai will be leaving next week to go to Australia for her mission.  She served here until her visa came through.  Sister Lai went to school for two years at BYU Provo.  She is from Singapore.

As we waited for the sisters to come down, we noticed all these sparkling lights in the sky.  They were sparkling red and yellow and were floating and moving with the air current.  Then we noticed that they were flickering out and floating down.  A woman that was watching them explained to us that this was the Moon Cake Festival.  A Chinese holiday.  You write your thoughts on the outside and light the candle.  It floats up to heaven.  It was like the movie "Tangle".  It was a fun surprise to see them.

Found this picture on Facebook of one of our Young Single Adults, Devanlee, lighting a lantern.

Cats Pyjama Hamburgers

Lim came to Malaysia from New Zealand about 4 months ago and started a business of making hamburgers.  The missionaries discovered his outdoor stand and have been his biggest and most stable clientele.  Elder Boyter had the Giant Burger.  I had the shredded chicken.  Sister Lai, is serving here in Malaysia until her visa comes through and then she is going to Australia to serve her mission.  Sister Crichton has 6 weeks left on her mission.  She is from Tacoma, Washington state and her brother is Scott Crichton, number 95, playing on the OSU football team as defensive end.  She is Samoan and has often been mistaken as a native here.

Sangga Baptism

Sangga was baptized last night.  This is the family that helped teach him the gospel with the sister missionaries.  Sister Angelina, Sister Black (missionary), Sister Hellen, Sangga, Brother Kristopher, Sister Simon (missionary) and Sister Maureen.  And the grandchildren.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young Single Adult Party

A great turn out for the Young Single Adult party.  There were about 30 that came. It was held at the De Summit Condos, where the sister missionaries live.  There was swimming, basketball, tennis, badminton, ping pong and games.  Kanzie barbecued.  It was very good.  And lots of fun. Elder Boyter brought high power water gun and toys.  Soon he and many of the YSAs were soaked.  What fun!

Angela, Stephanie, Devanlee, and friend.
Belinda, Alana, Chim Poh, Lyana, Hellen.
Mandy, Jesper, Florina.  Below is Sangga and Nijey