Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sister Noorda and Sister Thompson with Sister Boyter

The Traveling Sister, Sister Noorda and Sister Thompson, were here doing training last week and shared a special experience with us.

They were one member present for an investigator lesson short for their goals for the week.  They were confident they would reach the goal because they had three lessons schedule for the day but then they all cancelled.  

They decided to go visit a family that had not been church in a couple of weeks that had recently moved.  As they sat in the home visiting with the family, a man came in and sat down.  They included him in their conversation and found out he was not a member.  Soon his wife and children came in and sat down.  The Gospel was shared and an appointment was make to visit the family in their own home and continue teaching them.

After the family left, the sisters found out that the member family did not know who the other family was.  They just came and sat down in their home.  Every one was so friendly that the sisters had no idea that the two families did not know each other.  The mother said "But that is ok, I dreamed about them last night."  

Another discussion has been taught and another one is scheduled.

Update October 17th
Sister Noorda text us

"Remember that family that randomly walked into our member's home?  We have continued teaching them.  They are all so prepared and receptive. They are a family of twelve. Parents and ten kids ranging from about 30 years old down to 8 year old twins."

She told us she has had a fantastic week.  She is going to email us the details.  She leave to go home next week to Las Vegas.  What a wonderful way to finish a mission.  She is sprinting to the end.

We love our missionaries!

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