Friday, December 20, 2013

Mac Neil Boyter Funeral

We received word that Mac was dying.  Brent was able to visit with Mac by phone and say good-bye.  All of Mac's children were at his bedside, except for Megan who was due to have her baby the following week.  Brent called Megan.  He knew how hard it would be for Megan to not be with her daddy and family.  Mac died on October 13, 2013, Sunday.  We were at the church listening to general conference when the call came in.  Mac told us before we left on our mission that he felt he would not be here when we return home from our mission, but it was hard to have him gone.  The following Wednesday we received word that my father was given one to two weeks to live.  It was decided to return home for Mac and my father's funeral.  We left Thursday and surprised Alta, Mac's wife and their family when we arrived Saturday at the viewing before the funeral.

All of Mac's children were able to attend his funeral even his youngest daughter, Megan, who gave birth to her third daughter the Monday after Mac died.  It was wonderful to be with Mac's family.  

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