Friday, September 20, 2013

Moon Cake Festival

We stopped by to pick up the sisters to take them to Cats Pyjama.  Sister Lai will be leaving next week to go to Australia for her mission.  She served here until her visa came through.  Sister Lai went to school for two years at BYU Provo.  She is from Singapore.

As we waited for the sisters to come down, we noticed all these sparkling lights in the sky.  They were sparkling red and yellow and were floating and moving with the air current.  Then we noticed that they were flickering out and floating down.  A woman that was watching them explained to us that this was the Moon Cake Festival.  A Chinese holiday.  You write your thoughts on the outside and light the candle.  It floats up to heaven.  It was like the movie "Tangle".  It was a fun surprise to see them.

Found this picture on Facebook of one of our Young Single Adults, Devanlee, lighting a lantern.

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