Sunday, September 8, 2013

Karen and Kelvin

Elder Wiberg was killed in a traffic accident about two weeks ago. Will share more of his story in another post.  He and Elder  Herschi had a discussion with this family just before the accident. Kelvin, Karen, their daughter Ashley, and son Adam.  They are one of the families that Elder Peterson calls "Kingdom Builders".  They understand the gospel, have a testimony that is deep and are committed to live it.  They lost an infant.  When they were taught that children who die before the age of 8 return back to their Father in Heaven, they were so excited.  They are now committed to go to the temple as soon as possible so that they can be sealed with their living child and the infant that passed away for time and all eternity as a family.  They were baptized yesterday.  Their daughter is seven and will be baptized when she turns 8, at age of accountability. Here we are at dinner with Elder Crosland, Elder Herschi, Elder Peterson, us, Elder Kalvapola, Elder Madsen.

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