Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Durian- The Love - Hate Relationship

We are told you either love or hate durian.  You have to try it at least three times to make a decision.  The meat of the fruit is any where from yellow to red.  Elder Berger bought some and shared it with us when we gave him a ride.  It has the consistency of peanut butter.  We scooped it up with our fingers.  It was ok, I didn't love or hate it.  So maybe that means I would grow to love it.  But it has a very strong smell.  The smell lingered for about a week in the vehicle even though Elder Berger was in the car only for about 20 minutes.  I decided for that reason I would not have it in my home or car again.  The sign is from a hotel elevator.  It is banned from most buildings.  There are lots of jokes about it but the natives love it.  Even M & M gets involved in the fun about the Durian.

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  1. This is crazy awesome. I'm so curious about it. Does it taste like it smells? Is it just a super strong smell or is it a nauseating smell? Fascinating.