Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Manila Temple Trip

Just arrived at the Temple Patron Housing.  We are tired from traveling all day but excited.
Waiting to go to the Manila Temple.
At the end of day.  The sky was beautiful.  Sister Boyter is in the first picture and Elder and Sister Moulder are in the second picture.
Our Young Single Adults.  Hellen, Maureen, Jeffrey and Caroline at the mall.
President Ero is the second counselor in the Singapore Mission Presidency.  He is the man in the white shirt.  His wife, Sister Molly is in blue with Sister Boyter.  They prepared a huge meal for one of the nights.  There was enough for our group and for the other patrons who were staying at the Temple Patron Housing and then there was extra for some of the temple workers.  They are from the Kuching District and know and love the members who came.  They helped with translating, smoothing the way through checking records and helped with food and entertainment.
A night out on the town.  President Ero and sister Molly are sitting across from us with Elder and Sister Moulder sitting next to Sister Molly and Brother Christopher sitting next to Sister Boyter.
Having my picture taken with Elvis.

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