Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aret's family with Janice

 Sister Linyang and her husband Brother Aret with their three children, Youro, Joenas, and Sallie with Sister Janice.  Brother Aret's family is from the Matang Branch.  They did their work and their parents work and then they were sealed to their parents, to each other and then their children were sealed to them.  Sister Janice joined them in this picture taken outside of the Temple Patron's Housing.  This is across the street from the Manila Temple

Sister Linyang and Brother Aret in the Temple Anex.  They were waiting their turn for their records to be reviewed before we prepared to go to the temple. They did not speak English.  Their joy and excitement of going to the temple radiated from their faces.
Sallie, Youro and Joenas were the only children of the group.  They were the best behaved children.  They took care of themselves while their parents were in the temple for hours.

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  1. My favorite is the photo of them (presumably) telling their son to "get down". :)