Monday, March 18, 2013

Made it to the M.T.C.

Today we entered the Missionary Training Center or MTC. There will be just over 700 new young men and young women coming in this Wednesday, about half are young women. Each week there are this many or less. There will be close to 100,000 of them within a few months. Fun to see where they are from all over the world and where they are being sent to!!!!

When we walked into the MTC lobby, a senior sister missionary came up and helped mom put on her missionary tag. Mom broke down with tears coming down her cheeks. Just so happy to have made it here and feeling so much better with all her sickness. This has been a dream for her for so long. The sister missionary also started to cry. A special moment :)

Love you all!

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  1. Oh my! This made me so happy to see! The blog is fabulous and it will be a great tool for you and your family. The pictures of both of you pointing to YOUR mission are great. This is the real thing. I love it!
    So happy for you both.
    Sending love from Corvallis.