Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Green Chilis

 One of the mainstay of the diet in New Mexico and Arizona is Green Chilis.  The most famous green chili is the Hatch variety.  Almost all dishes are served with green chilis.  They come in different varieties of spicy.  I like them all but Elder Boyter has to buy them as a side dish in case they are hot. We stopped to have a hamburger and the green chilis that were on the hamburgers were even too hot for me!  They come on in the early fall and the whole city smells of green chilis being roasted.  Our friends Barb and Doug Decker gave us a demonstration on how to roast and peel the chilis.  You first roast them, this can be done on the BBQ or a torch until they are black.  Let them cool a little or refrigerate and peel later.  You peel the black off and they are ready to use.  You can freeze or can for later use.  The girl with the red hair is Susan their youngest daughter.  She is attending college at BYU-Idaho.

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