Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monument Valley District Meeting

 Tuk is Bob and Nan French's dog.  They were kind enough to share him with us.  He is a special little dog.


It was a wonderful day to be with friends exploring Monument Valley.
 Four months later another district hosted a tour of Monument Valley.  They had a native tour guide that took us on back roads that most of the tourists do not get to see.  This a picture of us in front of a fun rock formation with Elder and Sister Berry from Vancouver Washington.  Elder Berry grew up in Cedar City, Utah.  He is about 4 years older than Grandpa.  They do not remember each other.  They arrived two days before and are serving in Sawmill, Arizona.  We picked them up and took them with us.a

 This Sister Dalton and I looking up at the "Eagle Eye".  Sister Dalton and her husband are from Idaho Falls and are serving in Lupton, Arizona.  Sister Dalton is a rock hound.  She is alway exploring the rocks wherever we are.
 This is the Eagle Eye.  Does it look like an eagle eye to you?
 We all laid down and looked up at the eagle eye.  There was a great echo so we sang I am a Child of God.
 My man!

 We are at Artist Point and heading out of the park.

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