Sunday, May 25, 2014

Members Helping Each Other

Elder Boyter came home wracking his brain how can we help this family.  He wrestled with his concerns for a couple of days then called President Christopher, the elder quorum president, and asked to come over to visit.

As we sat down to visit with President Christopher about our concerns, the most wonderful thing happened.  President Christopher and Brother Bobby had already discussed and put a plan together on how to help put a roof on.  The plan was already in motion.  The branch was coming together to help this family.  Brother Bobby was providing the materials and the branch was providing the labor.  

Elder Boyter was so proud of this Elder Quorum in Malaysia.  Elder Boyter quickly volunteered to be part of the construction crew.  Ten days later the roof was started.

Ladder for reaching the top of the wall.
Brother Christopher with a thumbs up.
Putting in the post for the post and beam construction.

Brother Bobby's employees came in earlier in the week and cut down a Durian tree with a chain saw.  They then cut the tree into lumber (like 2x4) for the framework of the roof with the chainsaw.

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