Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sentosa Service Project-New Roof for Brother Lee and Sister Dony

We went out to visit Brother Lee and Sister Dony and their four children (Tini, Christina, Allen and James) about 10 days ago.  Brother Lee started to build this home for his family but ran short of funds.

The family is living in this one room home with Brother Lee's mother.  They also are using the two bedrooms in the new home with tarps and tin over the bedrooms.  The Malaysian downpours makes for difficult living arrangements.
Sentosa Branch Elder Quorum President, Elder Christopher, his wife Angelina (the Relief Society President) and Brother Bobby branch member (contractor) took us and the missionary elders (Elder Bester and Elder Reynolds) out to visit the family about 10 days ago.  Brother Lee showed us their new home with pride but said he had run out of finances.  Sister Dony was in tears out of embarrassment for the way they were living and the stress of taking care of Brother Lee's mother.  We sat in the small one room wood home.  The supports of the wood house were weak and swayed as we sat on the floor in a circle. We sang "I Am a Child of God" in Malay.  The song calmed Sister Dony's tears.  She loves the primary and the songs.  She was a past Primary President.  Spiritual messages were shared.  We were all touched by the spirit that was there.
The shower on the back of the house.

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