Monday, July 1, 2013

Fashion Statement with Exercise

Elder Boyter and I have found our exercise program.  We enjoy walking but it is too hot and humid for us.  So we remembered that many Americans go "Mall Walking".  So that is what we are doing.  The malls do not open until 10 so we stop for lunch and then start on the top floor and work our way down.  It feels great and much more comfortable.  We will sometimes stop at the ground floor for a shared chocolate waffle, which may not be as good:).

On one of our walks in a brand new mall, we ran into this fun wheel barrow. The walls here are solid.  They were putting up a wall in a new shop.  They put a brick wall up then put a thin coat of cement on the sides of the brick wall.  It seems like a lot more work than Sheetrock but it is sound proof.  Elder Boyter and I can not hear each other if we are in different rooms in our apartment.  We have a small 2 bedroom apartment but we have to be in the same room to talk to each other.  The walls make for good neighbors.  We can not hear our neighbors.

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