Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sister Simon

Sister Simon is a new sister missionary.  She is from Indonesia and is serving in the Singapore Mission which we are part of.  Her trainer is Sister Nielson.  The Elders and Sisters were having a farewell get together at McDonalds to say goodbye to Elder Pushnam.  Sister Simon was not feeling well so they left to go back to the apartment but were called back to take some pictures with Elder Pushnam.  As they were leaving she shook Elder Trotters hand and passed out as their hands touched.  She was out totally.  Elder Trotter carried her down the stairs and into Elder and Sister Moulders truck.  Sister Nielson jumped in the front seat and Elder Trotter with his companion, hopped in the back seat with Sister Simon where a blessing was given on the way to the hospital.  Because of construction it took 40 minutes to get her to the hospital.  She was out for the full time.  We picked up Sister Moulder and met them at the hospital.  We take our missionaries to a private hospital that standards and cleanliness are far better than the state run hospital.  Sister Simon woke up after we got her in the emergency room.  At first it was thought she had tonselitis and was dehydrated.  She was given an IV and then sent home.  But she could not hold anything down.  We returned for further tests and found she had mono.  She is doing great and taught one of the night nurses the plan of salvation.  Sister Nielson stayed with her and slept on a lounge chair (like a camping lounge) while Sister Simon was in the hospital.  Sister Simon has one of those million dollar smiles.  It lights up the room.

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  1. My my! I'll bet that was more than just a little scary.

    But that smile! You'd never know she was under the weather.