Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Leaders

President Mains and his wife, Sister Mains are amazing.  They live out of their suitcases.  President Mains has over 120 missionaries with more coming this fall.  Besides his work over the missionary work he has 7-8 Districts that he oversees.  Districts are different than stakes in that the Mission President plays a significant role in the running of the District.  I admire them so much.  They exemplify grace under fire.  They are kind and cheerful at all times but firm in how the work should go forth.  President Mains has phone calls coming in at all hours of the day. We caught this picture of President Mains in our back seat.  His wife says this is typical of their life and wanted a picture of the president with the phone in his ear.  They may be busy but they made each of us feel important to the work.  Sister Mains brings treats to encourage the young missionaries as she reviews their area books.  Corrections may be needed but always with a knowing smile that they can be better.

Sister Mains is a Corvallis girl.  She is the daughter of John and Myrna Bell.  She is the older sister of Marilyn Bell, one of the girls I grew up with.  I always looked up to her as a girl, she was one of my role models.  It was wonderful to discover that she is again my role model in the mission field.

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