Thursday, July 4, 2013

Language for the Kids

Have had request from grandchildren parents for words to learn in Malaysian for summer school.  Here are a few to start with:

First the sounds of the vowels that are different than how we pronounce them.

A= aa or ar as in tar or bar
E= ere or are as in mare or hare
I= ee as in feed or deed
O= says its hard sound 
Ai= igh as in sigh or tie
Au= ow as in now, how,cow
Oi= oy as in boy, toy,joy
C= ch
G= garden, gun
Sy= sh
Ng= as in sing
Ngg= sing sound ending with g ((garden) sound 

Ball= bola
Bread = roti
I = saya
Eyes = mata
Cheek= pipi
Hat= topi

Buffalo= kerbau
Fish = Kaloi
Monkey= monyet
Dog= anjing
Cat= kucing

Red= merah
Green= hijau
Yellow = kuning
Blue= biru
Black= hitam
White = Putih
Purple = ungu
Orange= Oren 
Brown = warna cokeiat
Grey= kelabu

Wonderful = bagus
Good = baik
Can = boleh 

Love all our grandchildren 

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  1. You are doing your own summer studying, it looks like!
    Fun to see the new words and sounds.