Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The First East Malaysian Member of the Mission Presidency

This is President Ero (Brother Lebanon) and his wife Sister Molly.

Both of President Mains counselors in his mission presidency were called to be members of the Seventies at the last General Conference in April.  With the load that  President Mains is carrying I can not imagine how he felt.  He laughed and told us that both of his counselors called and told him that they would not be able to make it to a presidency meeting just before Conference.  President Mains got up early and listened to conference and heard the news from the pulpit that he was losing both of his counselors.

But we are excited here in East Malaysia.  Last week in District Conference, Brother Lebanon was sustained as the second counselor in the mission presidency.  Here in Malaysia everyone uses their given (first) name with brother or sister at church, Brother Lebanon.  But when the men are called to a position of authority, they use their sir name (which is their father's name), President Ero.  This can be very confusing to me.  Husbands and wives do not have the same name so it takes awhile to figure out who is married to whom.

President Ero will be the first East Malaysian to serve in the Mission Presidency.  He will preside at all district and branch meetings he attends.  He was a beloved branch president a few years ago.  He is a very humble righteous man.  He is a successful businessman that has helped many people.  We feel he will be able to reach and heal many tender hearts and will build the strength of God's Kingdom here in Malatsia.

 This is President Ero's family.  Son-in-law, Victor, Lucia, Lezz, Laura, Liahona (youngest), President Ero and Sister Molly.  Sister Molly is famous for her cooking.  This is a shepherd pie, the best I have ever eaten. The meal was bagus (wonderful)!  After we were almost done they brought out a leg of lamb.  Wow!  

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