Monday, July 1, 2013

The Durian

This is the Durian fruit.  You either love it or hate it. The missionaries told us it takes trying it three times to decide which way.  It is about the consistency of peanut butter.  We just scooped it out with our fingers and sampled.  The members tell us there are cooling fruits and warming fruits.  The durian is a warming fruit. One of the elders bought one and brought it with him in the truck when we picked him up.  Some of the hotels have banned the fruit because of its penetrating and long lasting aroma.  Depending on the variety the interior of the fruit can be a light yellow to a red color.  One time taste is enough for me.  The flavor was fine.  I could probably come to like the flavor but the smell does not go away.  The elder with the durian was in the truck for just a short ride but the smell was in the truck for days.  Reminded us of sour milk.  The truck actually is another senior couple that we were using for a few days.  They haven't complained so I hope the smell is gone now.

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