Friday, August 9, 2013

Anniversary Trip to Border Town

 Our 38th Anniversary was last week and we wanted to take a trip to a border town where merchants come over the border to sell their wares.  We called for directions and a group of YSA (Young Single Adults) decided to show us the way and be our guides.  It is about 60 miles from Kuching and takes about an hour and half to drive there.  Not only did they come but they helped us negotiate prices.  When the natives see Orang Putih (White People) the prices go up but our guides helped us get good deals.  Here is Devanlee, Paul, Kanzie, and Jeffrey.
 Umbrellas are used for rain and sun.  Here is Jesper and Francisca.  Jesper is a gifted pianist.
 The border town is very small but the merchants purchase a permit and are allowed to bring their wares in from Indonesia.  They line a very long street.  The YSA loved looking at jewelry.
 Paul and Hellen are having lots of fun.  Paul is finishing his schooling as a teacher this fall and is one of our seminary teachers.  Hellen is a remarkable woman.  Her laugh is contagious.  She is the District Young Women President.  All of these men and women are outstanding.
 This is the beaded baby carrier that Elder Boyter bought. This man did the bead work.  I like the design,  It has two hornbill birds (the national bird) facing each other with a traditional shield between the birds.  I want to go back and get the head piece Elder Boyter is wearing.
 Jesper and Francisca checking out a store.  Not sure who is giving the peace sign.
Another look at the rings before we move on.

 Afterwards we took them all out to dinner at Pete's Western.  From left: Jeffery, Sister Boyter, Agnes, Jesper, Francisca, Kanzie, Hellen, Sheryl,  Devanlee, and Paul.  They like western food.  We had milk shakes, french fries and hamburgers.  Juices are popular here.  There was watermelon, cucumber, mango, carrot juice served to those who decided not to get milk shakes. Some of our bigger appetites had pork steaks.

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