Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Beyond 5 is a new boy band from the states.  They have high standards in dress, lyrics and dance.  There were tryouts to pick the boys that could sing and dance.  They were great and their first tour of East Asia was a total success.

Our crowd was smaller but we were told we were the best so far.  There was such energy and enthusiasm between the audience and the singing group.  

Four of the five were LDS young men ranging from 15 to 18 years of age.  The group had the blessing of the Area Authority and the senior missionaries throughout East Malaysia played significant roles in putting the concerts together in our countries.

The band member are Ammon (tall dark hair, he remind me of a Sons of Heleman), TJ (15, youngest with brown hair, his smile and sparkly eyes stoled some hearts), Patch (tallest of the blonds, he enjoyed the chicken feet), Tanner and Zach.

Our seminary and young single adults were a driving force for the enthusiasm and fun of the evening.  Many of our youth are very poor.  The concert was free.  Afterward the band met with the fans to meet and sign pictures and t-shirts.

We met the band about 1am on Monday morning.  Ammon is leading the way.  I got my picture taken at the airport with Sister Helen, President Govins wife and the group.  We laughed that we were the middle age groupies for Beyond 5.   Then the Beyond 5 sang for us.  After hearing them sing in the middle of the night at the airport I knew we were in for something special and was very excited that Kuching was chosen for one of the stops.  

I helped plan the dinner meal with Sister Helen (President Govin's wife) for the group and the missionaries that help set up.  Our zone leader, Elder Crosland, adorned himself in this cute apron.  We have the best missionaries.

Hellen and Maureen
Kanzie and Lee Fin
Kanzie, Lee Fen, Jesper, Kelvin, Sister Biby
Crowd made up of most of our Young Single Adukts and Seminary students. They are great!
Ammon leaned in for a shot!
One of my favorite families and their friend. Kanzie, Sheryl and Jesper
Jeffrey so shy. Our District Young Men's President
Ammon with Hellen and Maureen Rinet
This little girl was so thrilled to be chosen to come on stage to be sung to.  She threw her arms around Zach.
Missionaries were a great help. These are about half of them.  Elder Halpin, Elder Berger, Sister Haslett, Elder Crosland, Elder Madsen, Elder Hirsche, Sister Nielson. Sister Black, Sister Lai with Beyond 5 TJ, Tanner, Zach, Patch, and Ammon.
Paul, one of our seminary teachers.  Below TJ and Tanner goofing off at the airport.

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