Friday, August 9, 2013

Surprise 38th Anniversary Party

 The Young Single Adults surprised us with a party for our 38th Anniversary.  We had them over for Home Evening.  Devenlee gave a short lesson on marriage and then we played games.  The first game they divided us into eight groups and blind folded one person from each from.  Elder Boyter and I were each chosen to be blinded folded and actually were the only ones blind folded.  We were taken on a trip down the stairs where we had to listen to different sounds and guess what they were.  While we were taken on our trip the rest of the YSA ran to their cars and brought dinner up.  They then brought us upstair and sat us in chairs while they sang to us.  A few weeks ago they had us introduce who we were and our favorite music artist.  They remembered that I said I liked Josh Groban and Brent liked Bing Crosby.  So they sang "The Wind Beneath my Wings" and "White Christmas".  They gave me a bouquet of red silk flowers and Brent some chocolate candy and mug.  We were very surprised and humble.
 Top Row: Stephanie, Lee Fin, Jennifer, Sitting is Francesca with Paul hamming it up.
 Stephanie, Alanna, Agnes, Sheryl, Francisca, Mareen, Erickson
 They gave us this kite that they had signed.  That we now have hanging on our wall.
 Elder Boyter kept trying to help with the dishes but the girls told him to go away.  Stephanie, Madeline, and Agnes.
 Best friends from grade school.  Sheryl, Francisca, and Jennifer.  They even dressed up for our party in their fancy dresses.

 They brought in a piano so that Jesper could do his magic.  While we played games later, Jesper and Alanna played the piano for some of them to sings.  They enjoy belting it out.

They are a close bunch of YSA.  It is wonderful to be associated with them

 Back Row:Madeline, Stephanie, Lee Fin, Jennifer, Agnes, Mandy, Hellen, Belinda.
Front Row: Maureen, Sheryl and Francisca

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