Thursday, August 1, 2013

Elder Tice and the Title of Liberty

Elder Tice left for home today.  He served the Lord with all his heart.  Every time he bore his testimony or offered advice I learned.  He has been a great blessing to this mission.

When he left today, he left with a special memory.  He took an old shirt and wrote on it the "Title of Liberty" from the Book of Mormon.  He served in 3 languages here so he wrote the Title of Liberty in those three languages, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay. He then stuck it on a pole and rode on his bike from his apartment to the airport flying the Title of Liberty.

He will now send the shirt to a friend in South America where the Title of Liberty will be written in another language (Spanish) below Elder Tice's writing and after that the shirt will be sent to a third friend in the United States.  After their missions they will gather together as the Sons of Mosiah and Alma did to share their experiences and thank their Father in Heaven for their opportunities and blessings.

Elder Boyter on the spur of the moment decided to ride with Elder Tice.  He felt it was "an honor" to ride with such a great missionary.  Fortunately we have been walking for our exercise otherwise he would not have made it.  It was about 4 K to the airport the last part uphill.  I was so proud of my man!

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