Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family Starts to Arrive

Jordan, June with Baby Lydia and new mother Alicia.
Charitie had to stay in Washington with Matthew because of his broken leg and body cast.  The movers are scheduled to start packing and moving the day of mom's funeral.  They have had a challenging year and it is not over yet.  Charitie's in laws, Dale and Bonnie Romrell, brought the 3 oldest girls down so that they could be with me and their cousins and they opened their home to the rest of my children to stay.  I'm so grateful for their generosity.  Bonnie with Emma ( Charitie's 3rd daughter) and Chloe (Jared's 3rd daughter)

Brooklyn, Michael, Sean, Emma, Kathy, Aubrey and Chloe.
Katie with Baby Lydia

Nichole, Sabrina, Katie and Kathy.

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