Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving a House One Board At a Time

The Stampin Missionaries invited us to a service project to move a house.  The members were living next to a family member that had become a very difficult situation.  So it was decided to move the home to the other side of the Kompong, one board at a time.  To get to the home that we were moving, we had to go down a winding narrow road, walk across and narrow bridge to get to the home.  The difficult neighbor decided to do a project on his home the same time we came to move the home.  We found a dump truck had dumped a pile of gravel that blocked our way to the home.  The elders went to work moving the pile of gravel in wheel barrows over the bridge to the neighbors home for him.  The elders sang as they worked, children joined in helping and then the family of the home being moved and the wife of the difficult neighbor fed us all lunch.

Elder Boyter and Elder Scott with the children of the family
New building site

Older man with his work tools
A place to sit and enjoy friendships

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