Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baptism at the River

Kristy requested that she be baptized in the river by her home where she grew up.  Her family were not members and are of the Iban tribe.  It was approved to go to her village for the baptism. We had a program first where talks were given on baptism and why baptism by immersion is needed.  Then we went down to the river where Kristy and the branch president's 8 year old daughter were baptized.  Earlier the river was explored to find a place where the river was deep enough for the baptism.  We finished the program with talks about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Matang Branch/congregation  came and had a pot luck afterwards.  One of the members did BBQ chicken with his own BBQ sauce made out of plums.  Delicious!!

Elder Trotter, Kristy, and Elder Berger

Before the baptism I found a rope that made it very tempting to swing out into the river, but I refrained and stayed dry.  In the background the place for the baptism was finalized by the elders.

These rice containers are leaves that grow in this cup shape.  They put rice and water in each leaf and steam it.  You peal off the leaf and eat the rice.  Very good and so much fun.  Those who live in the jungle will drink the dew from these cup leaves in the morning.  The jungle is amazing!

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