Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gawai Dayak Festival

Gawai Dayak Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the state's indigenous people, particularly the Ibans and Bidayuhs.  Gawai means a ritual or festival where as Dayak is a collective name for the native ethnic groups of Sarawak:  the Iban, also known as Sea Dayak and the Bidayuh people, also known as Land Dayak.  Thus, Gawai Dayak literally means "Dayak Festival".  Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on these days. Starts May 31st and continues into June. (Information taken from Wikipedia)

The sister missionaries were invited to seven meals on one day.  Our invites were more spread out.  We were invited to four the first day and then more later on.

On Sunday we went to Brother Lebanon and Sister Molly's home.  Sister Molly is an excellent cook and prepared many wonderful traditional dishes.  Including chicken and rice cooked in bamboo, pork intentness and stomach, chicken feet, huge prawns.
Later their daughters (Lucia and Laura) and a friend danced the traditional Bidayuh dance.  After they danced they got me and Elder Tice to join them in doing the dance.  Brother Lebanon then committed me to learn the dance and do it a year from now at the next Gawai celebration.  (Only if I get a costume too)  Sister Moulder has a sewing machine.  I will find time on my Preparation Day to sew myself a Bidayuh dress.

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