Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seminary and Institute of Religion Convention

The last week of May we had the Seminary and Institute of Religion Convention in Kuching.  These men are from Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Elder and Sister Wilson from the Area Presidency (Second Counselor)
Elder Boyter and I were put in charge of logistics.  Being new in the area this was a concern but we worked through it and gained more knowledge of the area,  We found a wonderful caterer for our noon  meals and different restaurants for our evening meals.  The first evening we went to Howdy Grill and had BBQ ribs and a choice of pork, beef, lamb and chicken steaks.  They were all starving from traveling and were so happy with the meal that we returned on Friday for a repeat.  Wednesday we went to the Heritage House/Sarakraf for a delicious meal with fish lip soup, pineapple prawns, mongolia chicken, etc ending with a ruby sego dessert.  The dessert was light and wonderful.  Thursday night we went to a traditional Iban restaurant, the.Dyak.  The Wilsons were with us that night,  I did not care for the food as much but it gave them all a flavor of the traditional food.  The fish had a wonderful flavor but came out with the head on  Sister Wilson had to turn the head away from her.  She couldn't stand it staring at her.  

It was a wonderful convention.  We sat in the back and soaked it all in.

Sister Molly, Sister Lucia and Laura sang for us on Thursday.  Liahona came and supported her older sisters and her mother.  Sister Biby's daughter played the piano.  With school being out and the beginning of Gawai it was very difficult to find musical numbers,  I sat next to Sister Molly in church one time and realized she had a beautiful voice.  I called her up a few weeks before and she accepted the invitation to sing with her daughters.  The music was beautiful.  I appreciate their willingness to sing, Lucia's wedding reception was just the Saturday before.  Amazing!!!


On Friday morning at 8:45am the elder and sister missionaries sang for us.  Sister Nielson is playing the piano.  Some of the elders had to ride their bikes an hour to make it in time.  I fed them breakfast after they sang to say thank you.  Left to right:  Elders - Berger, Peterson, Tice, Crosland, Giblett, Trotter, Pushnam, Hirshi, Dailey, Hun and Sisters: Bishop, Balentyne, Noorda

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  1. I am enjoying your posts. They really give me a flavor or the country and the work you are doing. I especially enjoyed this one about the Wilsons.

    Thanks so much. Just enjoyed a week at Philmont Scout Camp in NM being trained by the General Young Presidency and Sister Wixom.

    President Carlile