Thursday, June 20, 2013

Samarahan Branch Beach Party

On Father's Day weekend the Samarahan Branch had a beach party.  We met at the shop lot where the branch holds its meetings.  They chartered a bus to haul everyone.  Many of the branch members do not have the funds or vehicles, so this provided a way for all to come.  Here are some of the youth with Elder Giblett.  The elders were great.  It was very hot and humid and they only waded in the ocean.

It took over 2 hours to drive to the beach.  We took our own car because we had visits scheduled with missionaries in another branch for the early evening.   The bus driver drove very fast through traffic and we were trying to follow it.  The bright lemon color of the bus helped us keep track of it.  It was fun.  Everyone on the bus would wave out the window at us.  The bus would crawl up the hills then make up time the rest of the time.  Our little Proton would catch up on the hills and then race to keep up the rest of the time.  As soon as the bus stopped everyone ran to the beach and played in the water to cool off.  The men started cooking their amazing BBQ dishes.

This little girl with her grandmother was so cute.  She would jump in the water, squeal when the waves came in and then sit down in the surf.  Then she was back up repeating the process never going very far from her beloved grandmother.

We walked up the beach.  Elder Boyter found a hat in our apartment to protect his bald head.  It is not as flattering as his cowboy hat.  Malaysia is a very beautiful country but there is garbage everywhere.  It is sad to see the littering, garbage and how run down everything is.  But we had a wonderful day with the Samarahan Branch.

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