Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is Sylvester and his parents Sylvester has cancer.  We have been visiting him for over a month.  The general hospital in Kuching serves all of Sarawak (state).  This cancer ward has about 40 beds.  The parents have come from their village (about 8-9 hours away) and stay with Sylvester.  They sleep on the floor beside his bed.  The mother is blind and the father is lame with a foot infection that has left an open sore that has not healed.  We bring food to the parents to ease the expense of their stay.  Elder Boyter has taken the father to get supplies for his son when the hospital ran out.  Sylvester has colon cancer.  While Sylvester was there the hospital moved him to a private room off of the ward.  The room is about 7 feet by 8 feet, more like a closet. Language is difficult.  The mother only speaks Iban.  Fortunately Sylvester speakers a little English.  Before the nurse kicked us out we found out from Sylvester that he had a lung problem.  We surmised that he probably had pneumonia.  Later after the nurses put on the door a sign saying "No visitors" in English.  We found out he had bacterial pneumonia.  We continued to bring food sharing the responsibilities with another senior couple.  Sylvester has gotten over his pneumonia and has finished a round of chemo.  Today he will be flying home.  Sylvester is 27 years old.  The doctors have told Sylvester that he has lots of problems.  He is a sweet sensitive young man.  My heart breaks for him and his parents.

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