Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father Day at the Beach

While we were with the Samarahan Branch at the beach we had a wonderful BBQ and many of their traditional dishes.  Then a father's day cake was produced.  It was great fun.  They gathered many of the men and had them cut it.  One of the brothers in charged took a slice of the cake and had Elder Boyter take a bite from the cutting tool like a bride and groom does at a wedding.  Then had each of the men take a bite from the same piece of cake.  Elder Boyter was glad he had the first bite.

Before the meal and cake cutting the branch leadership called everyone together for a testimony meeting.  We had many less active members there.  It was very touching.  A very nice combination of fun, spiritual and good food.  The next day at church many of them came out.  We just need to keep them coming.  The mission is now spending half their time reactivating the less active and the other half of their time teaching converts.

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