Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heritage House Traditional Dyak Dining Room

Here we are at the Heritage House waiting for our meal.  The owner was kind enough to show the group around the Heritage House and share it's history.  There were artifacts and new items from the different tribes.  He also opened up the back of the shop where there were different kinds of weaving going on.  The weavers were gone for the day but the looms were there with the different fabrics on them.

The man  in the middle is  Odgerel Ochirja.  He is from Mongolia and knows Bonnie and Dale Romrell.  He is the first Stake President in Mongolia.  The Romrells went to Mongolia on one of their missions.  There is mutual respect between the Romrells and Odgerel .  He was great.  He was very large with his hand gestures.  He was decisive in his opinions and spoke his mind.  When he left he gave Elder Boyter a big hug and Elder Boyter felt like he was hugged by a bear.  Odgerel told us about the hard winters in Mongolia.  It is very cold and they burn raw coal which makes the winter air very hard to breathe.  Many senior couples struggles health wise with the winters.  He told us we have it easy in Malaysia, which we could not argue with.  

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