Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Given All" by Elder Christian

Four elders and one sister from our zone went home yesterday. We are excited for them to go home to see family. They will be home in time for Mother's Day. But we will miss them and the people of Kuching will miss them.

Elder Christian was one of those elders. He is the elder that we had the picture of the worn out shoes. In a District Meeting a week ago he shared that he used to enjoy writing poetry in middle school. He is the trumpet player. He is going home to a 4 month old baby sister, that he is excited to spend time with. This week he came to District Meeting with a poem to share about going home, "Given All".

Given All

Am I really
Almost 21 years old?
A soon to be RM
With a new future to unfold?

We were in the MTC
Just a month ago it seems
Using Badly pronounced Malay
And singing "O How Brightly Beams"

But days have come and gone,
Months and years have passed.
And just now I get the feeling
I've arrived at last!

First to Johor I went
Where nasi lemak's the best.
And then on to Miri
Where my body was put to the test.

I found myself in Sibu
And became the man I wanted
And finally to Kuching
My flight home had me haunted.

I've biked for miles and miles
Over my fair share of hills.
But e'en the food and dancing
Hasn't been my greatest thrill.

I love to learn and learned to love
And yet this has been my joy
Teaching is the Master's work,
Numbers were but the decoy.

I've learned to love my neighbor
And to make God's will mine own.
I've reaped many a blessing
From the hard work that I've sown.

My mission has been difficult
I've done much in prayer and fasting
My belief in God has grown
I love The Lord Everlasting

To the country of Malaysia
I give my one last " Hurrah"
I can't forget the people here
Nor doubt the miracles I saw

And now I take my knightly bow,
Wave my hand for the world to see.
No longer at the battle's front
That my Lord has need of me.

But I will be His servant
And continue in His will.
This is my work and glory
And the rest of my life's story!

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