Monday, May 6, 2013

The Hornbill - National Bird

This is a large statue of the National Bird - The Hornbill.  Before going into the Cultural Center on our preparation day, yesterday, we went to lunch in a restaurant that overlooked the South China Sea.  It was beautiful and the food was wonderful.

Elder Boyter had butter shrimp.  The shrimp (including the head) was deep fried and then cooked in a very buttery sauce.  Elder Boyter was in heaven.

I had mango chicken.  The chicken was fried then sliced with a mango sauce.  The mango, onions, cucumber, and chili peppers were thinly sliced and covered the chicken.  It was a beautiful dish and tasted wonderful.

These were the best meals so far and were more expensive.  Our meals including drinks came to 56 ringgets, roughly $18 for both meals together.  The portions were large.  I feel Elder Boyter and I could have shared the meal and been full.

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