Monday, May 27, 2013

Rahni Burger

Since we have been here in Kuching the missionaries have told us about the "Rahni Burgers".  Street venders make them.  We usually stay away from street venders because of sanitary reasons.  But the elders and sisters  rave about them.  They only cost about 2.5 to 3 ringett (under a dollar).  So the other night the Sentosa Elders were out at 13 mile giving discussions to 4 different non member families.  This was way out.  They called and asked if we pick them up, they would take us to the best Rahni Burger Street Vendor.  We said you got a deal!

So this family is Muslim but the missionaries have befriended them and they enjoy each other.  They open their stand about 9 o'clock at night.  He goes to his other job during the day and then works at his stand until about 11:30 at night.  He makes 60 Rahni burgers a night.  He actually calls his Azfan Burgers.  The name is a combination of his two sons names.

He fries the burger then puts it off to the side.  He cracks an egg and spreads it on the grill with a putty knife until the egg is very thin.  Once the egg is cooked, he puts the burger on top and then wraps the egg over the hamburger.
The women slice cabbage very thin.  They toast the bun, puts mayonnaise, sliced cabbage,chili sauce, and pepper sauce on the bun.  Then the egg wrapped burger goes on.  You can have beef or chicken burger.  Elder Boyter had a double "Azfan" burger,  I had a single.

Win, win situation.  The elders got a ride home and we had yummy Rahni Burgers.  The Iban word for delicious is "Yami",  not sure how to spell it but pronounced with a long i sound.

I am excited to treat my family to "Rahni" or "Azfan" burgers when I get home.  Yami!!!

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