Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orang Ulu

Orang Ulu, "Up-river Dwellers", accounts for 5.5% of the total population of Sarawaks.

In the past, the Orang Ulu were famous throughout the region as sword-smiths.  They extracted iron from the ore found in their area, they forged it into excellent blades which they tempered in the cold mountain streams.

Traditionally an Orang Ulu longhouse was built to last.  Many of these people practice settled agriculture and have developed rice field irrigation to a fine art.  The solid iron wood houses are designed for many generations.

The handmade guitar type instrument was amplified.  When he found out we were from the USA, he played "Born in the USA" and other US songs for us.

The iron wood is like iron.  It is very dense and very hard.  It is a dark wood.  Elder Boyter was very intrigued with iron wood.  The wood is very heavy.  So we are looking for something on the small size to bring home that is made out of iron wood.


  1. I am just amazed by all of this that you get to be a part of. Yah!

    1. The people are wonderful. I have felt such joy as I hug them up and associate with them Missions are great!