Saturday, May 4, 2013

Branch Labor Day Party

May 1st is Labor Day. The Batu Kawa Branch had a Branch party. We drove about 30 km out to the jungle. District President wife's co-worker has property with a river running through it that he has built pavilions and cabins that he rents out. We had a lovely spot. We were in a large circular pavilion that looked over the river where the children played and the parents cooked pork and chicken over charcoal and wood grills.. It felt like home.

The sauce you see here is very good. They dip the chicken and pork into it. The woman made it and taught me as they made it. You "pound" the garlic and the chilis. It sounds like they are pound in a bowl and pounder similar to what Evan would use in his pharmacy to grind medicine. Sister Helen says these pounders come in ceramic or stone. Stone pounder with bowl sounds like a useful tool to bring home. I will look for one.

Recipe for sauce
About 1/3 cup pound garlic
About 1/3 cup pound chilis
Pour soy sauce " lots" judge by picture
5 fresh squeezed limes ( they used little limes just smaller than a golf ball)

Mix and eat.

The combinations of favors was wonderful. As I try these wonderful hot sauces, each is different and so yummy, I think of my children and how much fun to explore these flavored with them. You would be proud of Elder Boyter. He is expanding his palate and enjoying them.

The bowl next to the sauce is onions and seaweed in lime juice. That was good also. The lime juice with the onions compliment each other. Seaweed was good in the combination.

The Branch President of Bata Kawa used this knife for everything. His father - law made the wood case and handle for it and the twine he made from plants from the jungle. The twine was long enough to wrap around the waist to hold the knife at holster level. Then when not in use it was wrapped around the case as part of the decorations of the case. The president used it to chop wood, harvest bamboo shoots, and cut up meat after it was cooked. They are going to take us out to get a knife and case.

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