Monday, May 6, 2013

Bidayuh Tribe

The Bidayuh accounts for 8.4% of Sarawah's population and live mainly iwthin the catchment of the Sarawak and Sadong rivers.

Many natives live in longhouses, in effect a row of dwellings and a village street under one roof.  The Bidayuh built their

houses in mountain fastnesses, tacked to a steep hillside like a gigantic staircase.  This was partly for protection against enemies and partly for access to pure fresh water.

The terrain occupied by the Bidayuh inspired them to construct ingenious system of gravity-fed water supply.  I little river is dammed at a distance above the longhouse and the water is carried to the dwelling in bamboo conduits.

This is traditional music and dancing from the Bidayuh Tribe.

They make clothing such as vest from pounding the bark from trees

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