Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The house of an urban Malay family is a gracious structure well adapted to the climate.  It was built of wood.  The Brook era brought loft ideas on columns, stucco, and indoor plumbing.

Malay houses are built on stilts: Visitors approaching from the front comes up a staircase.  He announces his presence before he reaches the verandah.  This may be quite small, or lead along the front of the house, it permits a stranger to wait until somebody welcome him in.

The area designated for the men, official occasions and the entertainment of guest, is a front room that takes up the width of the house.  Windows cut down to floor level admit the breeze to circulate among the seated people.  Much artistic skill is lavished on the decoration of the stair and window railings fascia boards under the eaves, ventilation grills above or beside doorways.

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  1. The intricate woodwork and carving skills of this area of the world has always been impressive to me.