Saturday, April 27, 2013

China town

The travel agent we use is on the river front next to China Town. The Chinese came to Malaysia hundreds of years ago and built on the river front where they did trading. Malaysia is a melting pot of people. The seven major ethic groups are Ibans, Chinese, Malay, Bidayuh, Malanau, Orang Ulu. There are some minor groups such as Indians also.

China Town has a collection of shops. They cater a lot to tourist with souvenir shops. There are some beautiful fabrics, furniture, and antique shops.

I was thinking that I might have trouble finding clothes and shoes that would fit me but not so. There are lots of modern shopping malls (that would fit in any American city), shop lots and open air markets.

There are lots of stray dogs that break my heart. They are bony and very sick looking. There are lots of cats but most of them look healthy. Most cats have short tails. I have seen a few with long tails but many of them have crooked tails. Interesting.

Elder Boyter is standing next to a bike that has an area on the front for transporting goods. The bike was chained to the back of a shop in china town.

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