Sunday, April 7, 2013

Uncle Vern and Aunt Moonie (Lucille)

The last living of Elder Boyter aunts and uncles. Aunt Moonie got her nick name from her father. She had large eyes and her father called her Moonie after the moon. She is the youngest of the MacFarlane girls. Uncle Vern is 95 and Aunt Moonie will be 95 this summer. She has a wonderful sense of humor. When I was pregnant with Sabrina, she made the comment in front of the whole family "Why Brent I didn't think you knew how." Her sense of humor was still in force as we visited with them and when we left we had a bag of apples and chocolate to take with us. Uncle Vern was a coronal in the marines before retiring. They have traveled the world. They are still in their home but they no longer cook or clean. Uncle Vern health is better than his wife. They have plans in place when they no longer can live in their home or if one of them dies. Uncle Vern shared his plans with us. I was impressed. Maybe it is his military background but he was proactive in taking charge. He knew his limitations and had planned for what needed to be done.

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