Saturday, April 13, 2013

Clean water

Our bodies are not use to the water so we have a water purification in the kitchen for drinking. We bring water into the bathroom for brushing teeth. There are two bathrooms so Elder Boyter took one and I took the other. The showers have an instant water heater on the water. Even then the water is not very hot. There is no other hot water in the apartment. We shower with our mouth close.

We have lots of very tiny ants so we take any food refuge out to the outside garbage can immediately. We do recycle.

We have a gecko ( little green lizard) that lives under the refrigerator. I have not seen it yet but Elder Boyter has. I have seen them on the exterior walls and windows.

I will have to find myself a blanket to cuddle up with when we are in the apartment. Elder Boyter is always hot and freezes me out when he turns the air conditioner on. We have a/c units in both bedrooms and the living room

I have enjoyed this apartment very much. It is in an area of nice homes on a private lot surrounded by vegetation, ponds and small water falls. There is a woman that lives above us but i don't think she lives here full time. The landlord lives below us but is very quiet. Their apartment covers the full 1st level. The caretaker and wife lives on the premises so is a great deterrent to thieves breaking in. Some of the elders have struggle with break ins and having their bikes stolen.

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  1. Phew - you're recycling - you'd have to lose your status as Oregonians if you weren't :)

    Seriously though - how does that work? Does the country have a system for that? Impressive, if so.

    Bummer about the hot water. Coldish showers are no fun. Take a photo of the shower - is it open? in a closet? in a tub? have a curtain? Same as we have in the U.S.?