Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sister Pinkston and Sister Rhodes

Sister Rhodes ( red head ) and Sister Pinkston (going home in couple of weeks) are wonderful missionaries. Upbeat, positive and always looking for the good in others.

They called last night needing help with a flat tire. We were in the process of leaving the KDC (Kuching District Center, like a stake center), taking the other set of sisters home since we were heading in the same direction. So we dropped the first set of sisters bikes off and we all headed out to the Batu Kawa area to find the sisters, who were at a Shell gas station.

We found them bubbling with excitement and a great story. Sister Rhodes was riding ahead on a very busy road on some cement panels that covers a ditch that parallels the street. Sister Pinkston was riding behind. Sister Rhodes was concentrating on where she was riding with it being dark and the busy, noisy road next to her that she did not look back and check to see if Sister Pinkston was following. She said that she felt an impression to look back but did not do it for awhile. When she finally took time to look back, there was no sign of Sister Pinkston. Usually she can see a headlight but it was not there. She waited for awhile thinking that the light would show up any minute. It did not. So Sister Rhodes started riding back to find Sister Pinkston. As she rode back, she did not see that one of the 2 foot cement panels was missing until it was too late.

Her front tire went into the hole and stuck. Thoughts went through her mind on how to protect herself from falling into traffic. She tried to propel herself away from the road but found that she fell into the road any way. Quickly she rolled herself to the edge of the road and then off. That road is very busy especially on a Friday night. Small miracle that she was not hit.

She got back on her bike which was not damaged, thankfully, and continued to find Sister Pinkston. Finally she could see a bicycle headlight in the distance. When they met up, Sister Pinkston bike had a flat. They walked back to the Shell gas station. They often stop at the gas station to use the bathroom and had made friends with the manager. He saw them coming and came out to meet them with the key to the bathroom.

The manager is a Muslim, we are friends to the Muslim people but do not teach them the Gospel. It is against the law to teach the muslims the gospel. But he had a friend who had stopped by to visit who was not a Muslim. The sisters had a wonderful visit with him about religion, invited him to church, and made an appointment to meet him again.

It is interesting that earlier that morning the sisters discussed in their study time about if they had a flat tire they could teach the ones who stopped to help.

They were so excited. How can people not be drawn to their enthusiasm and the love of these sisters.

The other day we took these same sisters to dinner as a goodbye to Sister Pinkston. There was an outdoor restaurant that they had not tried yet but had a dish that they liked. It was this baked chicken and bread with different types of hot sauces and gravy for dipping. They roll the bread dough out and then slap it onto the side of an oven to bake. This is a picture of the oven and the bread after it has baked. I enjoyed the food very much. Vegetables and fruit are not served very much in restaurants. I have been feeding Elder Boyter vegetables at home. I don't think he misses them but I do!

The waiter was a young teenager , not a Muslim, that asked a lot of questions about our religion. He did not speak English well but the sisters spoke his language and answered his questions and they all exchanged contact information to meet later. They are amazing.

We had a very nice visit with the owner of the restaurant. They start work at the restaurant at 7 am and close at 11 pm. Long days.

The owner is Muslim and from Afghanistan. The sisters have associated with Afghanistans in West Malaysia and love the culture and the people so they were very excited to meet this Afghanistan family. The sisters faces just sparkled as they visited with owner and his family. The sisters knew that they would not share the Gospel with this Muslim family but they loved them and cared about them. What a beautiful example of pure love.

We went to a member discussion with these sister earlier this week to Brother Peter and Sister Nancy. They have 10 children and 13 grandchildren. Wonderful humble man. He weed eats for a living, 7 days a week. They don't mow the lawn here they weed eat. One of their sons died, leaving at least 2 children to be raised by the grandparents. I don't know how many people live in the home but there were at least 6 grandchildren there at the time and 3 sons. The children are beautiful. He is supporting and feeding them all. The church meeting time is changing to afternoon in May so he will be able to come to church then.

Sister Nancy has beautiful very large pictures hanging in her home of the Savior that she has done the needle work on. She also makes scripture covers with handles and fringe for the elders if they will provide the fabric.

The sisters gave a beautiful lesson on the Plan of Salvation in Malay. Sister Cheryl was there to help with family history. Sister Nancy has been compiling their family genealogy. Sister Nancy is from the Ibon tribe and Brother Peter is Chinese. There has not been records kept in Malaysia so they are having to rely on family records. Sister Cheryl is going to get the records into the church site for them.

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