Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sister Boyter's first haircut by Elder Boyter

Elder Boyter gave me my first haircut today. Erica, my hairdresser, showed him how to do it once. Elder Boyter did not come back for a second lesson.

My hair was starting to look very shaggy so I put on the cover to protect my clothes and sat in a chair in the kitchen. There are many beauty salons here but naturally curly hair is uncommon so I felt Elder Boyter was very qualified with his one lesson on the art of cutting hair.

Elder Boyter always talks about how much he likes my long hair. So with him being in charge of the length I felt confident that he would cut with restraint I also mentioned to him that hair only grows a half to three quarters of an inch a month. I don't think he remembered any of this.

He was not timid at all. The memory of him pruning trees and shrubs came to mind as I sat there while he cut. I sometimes wonder if the plant would survive after he was done.

When Elder Boyter was done cutting my hair I looked at the floor and was amazed at the amount that was on the floor. There were strands of hair 4 inches long. With concern I looked in the mirror and found to my great surprise that I like what he did. It is the shortest it has been in the last 45 years With the hot and humid weather, this hair cut will be perfect.

I think Elder Boyter was also surprised at how good it looks. He is now analyzing it to see how to improve the cut. I don't think he realized that curly hair curls up tighter as it dries what length he had quickly left.


  1. Hi! I'm a friend of CG & Sabrina. Wow, that was adventurous! I completely understand about how a lot of people don't know how to cut curly hair--mine is a mix of waves & curls. But yours turned out really nice.

  2. Wow Elder Boyter! NIce work. You look beautiful Marie. Your bravery paid off.

  3. I love it. It will be so nice and cool!!