Sunday, April 21, 2013

Purple sweet potatoes and sego worms

Sister Lim shared some purple sweet potatoes with us. Sister Lim is one of longest standing members here. She is a very lovely graceful woman. Very admired. The potatoes were very good. She tells me she usually steams the potatoes and eat them like an apple. We mashed and reheat with butter and salt and pepper. I will look for them in the markets and stores. Elder Boyter was concern about the food here but there are lots of varieties of potatoes. I think we will have to watch our waistlines.

While we were at the church last night with the night watchman, the branch president came by and dropped off these grubs type creatures called sego worms. They are alive in this picture. They fry them in oil and eat them. They are about 2 inches long, fat and juicy looking. I will think about eating them. Right now I am not ready.


  1. Would love to try those potatoes! What a FANTASTIC color!

    As for the grubs - don't they say that deep fat frying make everything good? :)

    Have fun with that - glad it's you and not me :) Nasty :)

  2. those grubs are so fat. what have they been eating?