Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Apartment

We are staying in a park like setting. We are in the middle of the city but very private. The green of this country is beautiful. Very humid. Great for my curly hair. The District President children thought I looked like someone from the ABBA singing group. I'll have to google them to see what they mean. The apartment is great. Two bedrooms and two bathes. We have a king size bed. We have covered porches on both sides of the apartment. One has the washer machine ( much larger than I thought) and the stove. It is nice to have the stove outside. It keeps the heat out of the interior. There is a/c. The main rooms have a temperature control a/c units. Halls, bathrooms do not. In our apartment we have 3 units. It keep our apartment very comfortable. There are 4 sisters living on the floor above us and Elder and Sister Moulder live on the same floor as us. They are family history consultants missionaries.
The sisters in the picture are Sister Tehrani and Sister Rhodes.

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  1. 1st photo - beautiful view! Love that the stove is outside - makes good sense.