Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Boyters have gone

We had a very nice room on the third floor of the building "M-2". The elders met us as we pulled up and took our luggage to our rooms for us. The elders were always holding the doors for us and eager to help. The elders and sisters had chores assigned to them. When we went down for breakfast at 700 am they would be out with their brooms mops windex cleaning. Always cheerful. While we were at the MTC we had snow. Some of the missionaries from different parts of the world had not seen snow before. Some of the missionaries had not seen mountains either. It was a very new experience for many. Our stay at the MTC was a very spiritual experience with lots of information given to us. Elder Boyter mentioned it felt the information was given to us with the force of a fire hose. There was only so much time and a lot to give us. We spent the first week in missionary training. The second week was church education training. All missionaries working with young single adults had this training. So young single adult missionaries, military support missionaries and church education missionaries stayed for the second week for training. We were done on Wednesday. Our flight was not until Monday, April 1st. So we left and went to St. George to see Uncle Vern and Aunt Moonie then to Cedar City, Utah on our way to spend Easter dinner in Idaho Falls with David and Jared's families.

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